Suns of the Tundra

In June 2017, Suns of the Tundra will be performing at Hyde Park in London.

We're joining our good friends Adam Wolters and Al Murray onstage to play a 30-minute set under the name Geyser.

Stoked to be supporting our childhood heroes from Genesis, and maybe share a dressing room with Debbie Harry.



WE are excited to announce our first LONDON UK show in quite a while.

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APRIL 2016

THANK YOU to everyone who stayed up to watch us at ATP last week. And thanks to Barry Hogan and Stewart Lee for giving us the closing slot to play. We'll put some film up of the performance in due course. In the meantime here are some photos (thanks Ian).




We play All Tomorrow's Parties (ATP) this coming weekend 17 April. This is a big deal for us, having always loved bands like Sonic Youth, Galaxie 500, Bevis Frond, Giant Sand - all these acts (or parts of them) are on the bill too. We get to play the closing slot for Stage 2 on Sunday and we'll perform Bones of Brave Ships in its entirety, with film projections. All the acts this year have been chosen by the so-called 'guest curator' Stewart Lee. Stew is, in fact, the mystery voice on our (Peach's) 1993 recording of You Lied. If you go to the BIO page here at our website, you can read Stew's account of that recording session.



Here's a home movie from 2006. Here, we're recording the bass and guitar for 'Soil' which made it onto Tunguska.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased a vinyl copy of Bones of Brave Ships via our store here at We try to get them shipped out to you as fast as we can.



Suns of the Tundra played a surprise gig at DOWNLOAD festival on Saturday 13th June.

The surprise was that we appeared under the name 'Geyser' and comedian Al Murray played drums alongside Andrew Prestidge.

Set list: Wired, Babytalk, Rockford, You Lied, Last Man on Earth